Persistence paid off for long-time Steber employee

If not for his persistence, the life of long-time Steber International employee, Joss Van Nieuwkerk would have been completely different.

When he returned to Taree in 1982, Joss kept knocking on the door of Steber founder, Bruce Steber and his persistence eventually paid off with a job offer. The rest, as they say, is history.

The story starts in Taree where Joss was born a bred. He went to the Netherlands with his family when aged 14 and during a 10 year stay in his parent's home country he studied and worked in the engineering trade.

In 1981, Joss and his new wife, Nuscha, travelled to Australia for a holiday and one year later he returned, permanently. As mentioned, Joss became a regular "visitor" to the Steber factory site in Elizabeth Avenue until he eventually started with the company in October, 1983.

Reflecting back on those 30 years, some of the highlights for Joss have been:

. working on the first 36footers built by the company

. travelling to Dubai, the Seychelles and many parts of the Australian east coast selling the Steber brand

. being involved in the technology changes – from mechanical engines to electronic and computerised engines

. watching the business grow in terms of professionalism and safe, environmental boat manufacture.

Job satisfaction is a major factor in Joss' 30 year stint with Steber, and being in charge of boat launchings he is in the ideal position to see a vessel he has helped design and engineer, hit the water for the first time.