pickles auctions have moved in to the marine industry to assist dealers move trades and old floor stock

Auction Auction Auction!!!  

It seems to be all we hear at the moment in the real estate industry.  Record closing rates and numbers have been achieved over the last two years.  However it’s not only the property auction market that is hot at the moment with marine auctions also making waves.  Pickles Auctions, Australia’s largest Auction House, has taken aim at the marine industry supplying a fast and effective way for dealers to clear their trades and old floor stock as well as private owners to sell their boats with as little hassle as possible.

Pickles Auctions is the largest player in the automotive auction market with a database of genuine auction buyers they have collected over 50 years of successful business.  The unique aspect of what Pickles is doing is supplying an avenue to clear everything from a tinny or a jet ski through regular live and online auctions across 22 branches around Australia, from high end wakeboard boats to luxury yachts at Pickles’ quarterly Luxury auctions held in Sydney and Melbourne.

By adding yachts and boats to their luxury auction line up which includes such luxury brands as Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche, they are capturing the attention of luxury auction buyers.

What is very unique about the Pickles Luxury auction are the venues.  With the Sydney auction being held at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park Entertainment Quarter they are able to move boats to location and have them on display. Some boats are just too big to move to the auctionlocation with one in particular based at d'Albora Marina at Cabarita for viewing and will be sold off the screen. Boats sold off the water at this location even come with 2 weeks free birthing so the buyer has time to think about where they are going to berth their new yacht.

Pickles’ next Luxury Auction will be held at 6pm on December 8th at Moore Park in the Royal Hall of Industries and will feature over 70 luxury cars and 4 boats. The cars and boats will be open for viewing on December 6th and 7th before the Monday Auction.  Don’t worry if you are not able to make the auction you can register online at www.pickles.com.au and bid from the comfort of your home.

Although Pickles have been selling boats for some time this is now a new focus for the family owned company and we look forward to seeing this auction category grow over time. Watch this space……