PlanetSolar will soon be launched into the Baltic Sea

The largest solar-powered boat in the world will be named and placed in the water for the first time on 31 March 2010. This new stage in the PlanetSolar project promises to be one of the most outstanding.  
This is a new beginning for  the entire PlanetSolar team. Weather permitting, the floats of the largest solar-powered catamaran in the world will touch the water for the first time on 31 March 2010 in Kiel, Northern Germany. This spectacular manoeuvre will be run by the Knierim boatyard, in charge of the PlanetSolar building. An imposing 110-metre crane will be the first to appear, lifting the 60-ton PlanetSolar out of the vast hangar. The catamaran will then be delicately placed into the Baltic Sea.  
In the weeks following the launch, the boat will be prepared and enter the test period. The first public appearance of PlanetSolar sailing is planned for the Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg from 7 to 9 May 2010.
The count-down to 31 March 2010 has now begun. Thanks to our good partner, Candino, you may follow this event directly on our Home Page  
Several figures for the launch


Length:  31 metres     
Beam:  15 metres
Height:  7.5 metres
Displacement:  60 tons
Surface area of solar modules:  500m2    

The crane

Height of the crane:  110 metres
Height of the crossbar:  11 metres
Ground clearance:  162.91 metres
Capacity:  900 tons, i.e. 15x the weight of PlanetSolar