Portable All-Condition IR PTZ Cameras

PAC series camera is designed for fixed and mobile video surveillance application.
It consists of;

– high resolution zoom module
– powerful IR module
– precise PTZ system
– damping vacuum systems

Efficient IR lighting with range up to 120M, auto switch of high/low beam IR lights as per
New damping system with digital image stabilization (DIS)for all kinds of tough conditions;
New design of PTZ driving system provides anti-vibration performance and high precision of PTZ
Vacuum and magnetic sucker for secure and convenient installation;
Smart hidden seamless wiper, clear camera view;
Wide range of voltage input, anti-surge, to avoid wrong connection;
IP Protection up to IP67, built-in defogging device and heater;
Full Aluminum compact ptz case with high strength;
Auto heating before bootup under extreme cold environment;
Change address easily with software