Prepare Your Boat for the Summer Storm Season

Marine Queensland is reminding boaties to stay safe and prepare their boats ahead of the summer storm and cyclone season.

“Summer is a great opportunity for families to take time out and enjoy our waterways” said Don Jones, General Manager Marine Queensland, “However, as we’ve seen in recent times, summer can also be a season of dangerous weather”.

With planning and preparation you can secure your boat and rest easy.

“Now is the time to carry out trailer maintenance checks to prevent the risk of a trailer break down when moving your boat to safety”

“When a storm is approaching, boat owners must make sure their boat is tightly secured to the trailer and where possible secure the boat and trailer to fixed objects. If the boat is lightweight it is also a good idea to consider letting some of the air out of the trailer’s tires.”   

“It is also important to remove and secure all loose items on your boat”.

“If your boat is in a marina, check to see if your marina has a cyclone contingency plan.  Your berthing contract may outline steps you will need to take in the event of a severe storm”

“Make sure you boat, trailer and equipment is marked with your HIN or driver’s licence number.  It is also a good idea to take photographs and record an inventory of your boat, trailer and equipment”.

When out on the boat this summer pay attention to the weather.  Good weather is essential for a safe and enjoyable day on the water.  For the latest weather forecasts and warnings check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website,, or call the Bureau on 1300 360 426.