Quality competition in store for the Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta


For several months the International Melges 32 Class Association (IM32CA) has been looking forward to the 2008 Gold Cup Regatta that officially kicks-off next week, 5-7 December in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC). There is a great deal of excitement and energy surrounding this event, teams can hardly wait to race.

This event has spawned a vision of opportunity — an impressive gathering of sailing all-stars, the world’s elite amatuer owner/drivers and America’s next generation of youth sailors. Never before has the Melges 32 witnessed such a congregation of talent, skill and experience in one place. Yes, the fleet has previously enjoyed consummate assemblies, but this event will deliver a whole new attitude and outlook for the global Melges 32 fleet. A simple glance of the entry list, then a slight delve into each crew roster will certainly raise eyebrows — Dave Ullman, Richard Clark, Flavio Grassi, Marco Constant, Gabriele Benussi, Stu McNay, Kevin Harrap, Max Skelley, Scott Nixon, Anthony Kotoun, Jeff Madragali, John Kostecki, Gavin Brady, Morgan Reeser, Jon Goldsberry, Terry Hutchinson, Charlie Ogletree, Harry Melges, Charlie Smythe, Jamie Lea and Johnny Lovell will be present. Some of the greatest minds and talents will go head-to-head for the Gold Cup title.

For the owner/amatuer driver, this event will be yet another chance to sail with and against the very best in the world, a luxury not afforded by many other classes of boat. Where the Melges 32 is concerned – this is standard racing procedure. Joe Woods, Michael Illbruck, John Taylor, Bob Hesse, Jason Carroll, Pieter Taselaar, Edward Tillinghast, Stephen Pugh, Mike Carroll and Marty Kullman are among the participating class veterans. Fleet newcomers Geoffery Pierini, Alex Jackson, Carlo Alberini, John Dane and John Kilroy are no strangers to this level of competition.

The other interesting aspect, and by far one of the most unique facets of the Gold Cup event is the ‘Take A Junior Sailing Day.’ Another brief review of the junior sailors with the ride of their life ahead of them include Dominque Wright, Alex Fox, Ericka Reineke, Mac Agnese, Christopher Williford, Chanel Miller and Julian Harris, just to name a few.

Prior to most regattas, individuals of high authority usually entertain the idea of casting a winning prediction, that is not the case at the Gold Cup. Every team competing brings something a little different, a ingredient that sets them apart. Whether it be their tactician or their track record, every team entered is worthy of winning.

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A Preliminary List Of Junior Sailors has been published on the IM32CA Blog.

Just recently recognized as an ISAF Class, the Melges 32 has been launched into a new era. And, to celebrate — the Gold Cup Regatta will deliver everything this profound sportboat has to offer and more.

This 2008 Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta is the first of three 2009 Melges 32 Midwinter Championship Series events. Event No. 2 is ACURA Key West Race Week on January 19-23 and Event No. 3 is the Miami Grand Prix on March 5-8.

Visit the official website of the International Melges 32 Class Association. The IM32CA is proud to also introduce the Official Melges 32 Blog. If you are unable to attend the Gold Cup, subscribe to the IM32CA RSS Feed and look for this blog to bring you all the tidbits from Melges 32 events around the world — on and off the water! Also, visit the Lauderdale Yacht Club Web site.