Quick action at multi-boat blaze

The cause of a dramatic fire that recently destroyed four boats at Hillarys Marina, Perth, WA on September 28 is still unknown, but for the owners of two of the boats, swift action helped ease some of the trauma.

Water police said fire broke out on a moored boat just after 4am and quickly spread to three others before fire fighters could contain and eventually put out the blaze. The owners of two of the destroyed boats – one a 38ft Leeder and the other a 36ft Formula – contacted the team at Club Marine, where their boats were insured, as soon as news of their vessels’ fate reached them.

By lunchtime of the same day, one claim was settled with the release signed and payment processed within hours. And by close of business the next day, Club Marine’s team had settled and wrapped up the second claim as well.

Club Marine CEO, Greg Fisher said the close cooperation of all parties involved enabled a prompt settlement of both claims: “Thanks to the combined effort of the boat owners, the salvage team, the assessors and boat brokers and, of course, Club Marine’s claims team, we were able to quickly settle the claims and secure a positive outcome of this tragedy for both boat owners.”

Although the personal memories and family treasures onboard the destroyed boats can’t be replaced, Fisher emphasised: “At Club Marine, we understand that an efficient and fair settlement can go a long way to restoring normality in people’s lives after tragedy strikes. We do all we can to protect our member’s interests and this is another example of what we can do to assist them in a time of dire need.”