Quintrex boats new instant boating packages

4 September, 2009

For Quintrex, ‘boating made easy’ is not just a company philosophy, it is a reality.

Proudly Australian made and owned since 1945, Quintrex leads the aluminium boat market and prides itself on quality design and production

Quintrex boats are built for years of fun and adventure from the moment they hit the water and continue to be a highly sought after brand, with a resale value that is the best on the market.

First time boat buyers are able to understand the easy boating experience with Quintrex’s ‘Instant Boating’ packages, which includes boat, motor and trailer and a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Quintrex trailers have been specifically designed to cradle models from every range and are manufactured in the Quintrex factory.

Quintrex has the unique ability to stretch form aluminium into concave shapes to create the Millennium Hull with a variable deadrise which allows for a smoother and drier ride.

National Sales & Marketing Manager Damien Duncan says that the Quintrex boating range are ideal for first time boat buyers and built to last tough Australian conditions.

“The majority of Quintrex boats feature the unique Millennium Hull and Flared Bow, a variable deadrise hull design which previously was only available in fibreglass boats,” he said.

“Quintrex boats are constructed from aluminium as apposed to fibreglass, meaning they are more durable for tough conditions out on the water.

“Not only are Quintrex boats value for money they are also an extremely safe boating option with level flotation a standard feature on various models,” he said.

Level flotation is achieved by strategically inserting significant quantities of foam within the sides and underfloor compartments to ensure that occupants, motor and gear remain level and safely inside should the boat ever become swamped.

With such a strong valued reputation and great value for money it’s hard to hold back from buying a Quintrex boat.

For more information on Quintrex and to view the boating range contact your local dealer or visit the Quintrex Profile Page