Quintrex Hornet is a top ride for fishing boat enthusiasts

Described as the ‘sports car of the water’, the Quintrex Hornet range is a must have for serious fishos.
The most popular models in the range includes the entry level 400 Hornet and the hardcore pro model, the 440 Hornet Trophy.

Engineered for performance, the 400 Hornet is the most popular entry level model for first time fishos, and comes equipped with carpeted low floor, fuel tank rack, front and rear bench seats and plenty of storage options.
The 440 Hornet Trophy is the most popular model in the range for the more experienced boaties and will always land the perfect catch, with a large casting platform, plenty of storage space and painted with stripes to turn heads on the water.
Both models feature the Eclipse V Flared Hull, with an aerodynamic design which allows these models to carve through the water.

Director of Marketing and Sales Damien Duncan said that these models have what it takes to entice any fisherman whether they are pro or beginner.
“Both of these unique models are wanted by anglers Australia wide because of their powerful performance and smooth ride,” he said.

“With the Eclipse V-Flared Hull featuring on all seven Hornet models, these boats are able to slice through chop whilst still being incredibly stable at rest.

“There are creature comforts added to the Hornet models with plenty of storage to make moving about easy, as well as these models being loaded with all the features that fishos could wish for,” he said.

Both the 400 Hornet and the 440 Hornet Trophy are available as a Quintrex Instant Boating package which includes boat, motor and trailer to have keen anglers out on the water in no time.