R Electronics Launches Oceanviews First Hand Held Night Camera In Australia

R Electronics, Australia’s exclusive distributor world-class marine electronics is pleased to launch OceanView’s first hand held night vision camera, which is tipped to revolutionise marine binoculars.

The new Titan Digital Day/Night Vision Binocular can be used day or night and features a four-stage automatic control and an anti-blooming system which reduces the loss of the night vision image due to overloading from a bright light source.  This blooming effect is also known as the ‘halo’ effect, which is when a ‘halo’ can be seen around visible light sources.

The Titan can operate in a wide range of lighting conditions without having to adjust contrast or brightness and unlike Thermal Imaging technology, it can be used through glass.

This is a very reliable and cost effective unit compared to others on the market and can operate in lighting conditions ranging from 0.0005 lux (starlight) to 30,000 lux (sunny day).

R Electronics managing director Errol Cain said the new binoculars were ideal for surveillance at sea, long-range object detection and navigation assistance.

“The Titan comes with an IR illuminator with 800nm wavelength which is great for use in total darkness,” Errol said.

“The illuminator is removable from the Binocular and also has a standard video output for recording to DVR or on-screen viewing.

“The binocular has automatic brightness control on the LCD and some of its features include a large 2.5” high resolution TFT-LCD monitor, you can record using standard composite video, it uses state-of-the-art CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology, and the battery can be charged via mains or 12V adaptors.

“This range of binoculars which comprises an 8x, 11x and a 1-8x vario magnification model, offers boat owners outstanding quality and value for money.

“This new camera will certainly complement the existing range of fixed, pan / tilt cameras in the OceanView range being the Apollo II, Triton, Atlas, Poseidon and Zeus.”

For more information about the new Titan Digital Day/Night Vision Binoculars visit R Electronics at 50 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Queensland or online at www.relectronics.com.au