R Marine Jacksons hosts summer training day

Victoria, Australia: Lessons of the nautical kind helped more than 35 Riviera owners prepare for the summer boating season at R Marine Jacksons summer training day.

Held at the Sandringham Yacht Club on November 16, the training sessions were hosted by marine professionals and included rope work, basic electronics, marine sanitation and engine maintenance.

On conclusion of the training seminars, Riviera owners joined the R Marine Jacksons team for a few cocktail lessons from an enthusiastic Riviera owner, and a cooking demonstration from the Yacht Club’s chef.

Using a recipe from the Yacht Club’s restaurant, the chef demonstrated how to cook Snapper and everyone enjoyed a barbecue on the marina.

“It was an enjoyable night and a few of our owners berthed overnight at the marina where they continued socialising with the Riviera family,” said Stuart Jackson from R Marine Jacksons.