Raptor Roars with Mercury Jet Drive

It’s a “pocket rocket that will pin back your ears”, according to Leon Savage from Streaker Boats in Bayswater, Victoria.

It’s called the “Raptor” and with a Mercury 200 HP OptiMax Jet Drive providing the power there’s no surprise it roars across the water.

The 4.4 metre fibreglass Raptor, which is being enthusiastically snapped up after a great reception at the Melbourne Boat Show, has been designed specifically for people who want to step up from a jet ski.

“This is as much fun as a jet ski, but better – it can carry three adults, it’s great for tow sports, and if you own a house boat it’s the perfect tender to pick up supplies or guests,” Leon said.

The Raptor is a perfect example of the old equation – a small hull plus a big engine equals lots of speed and fun.

“I have one customer who’s bought two jet skis from me over the years. He’s now got a Raptor and he told me recently ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought’ which I think is just fantastic  praise,” Leon said.

The Mercury 200 HP OptiMax Jet Drive can push the lightweight hull to more than 90 km/h, and can pull large tow-sport enthusiasts out of the water with ease.

“This engine produces a lot of power which is exactly what we wanted, and the Raptor handles it fantastically. It’s a joy to drive even when there’s a chop,” Leon said.

“The Mercury Jet Drive is also a really reliable engine which is what everyone wants – it’s important that the engine and the jet drive come from the same manufacturer.”

Leon and Paul Savage have been building boats for the last 38 years, and the best of that experience has come together in the Raptor, a boat with a gorgeous finish, excellent economy and simply awesome performance.