Raymarine’s Super HD digital radar

Raymarine’s Super HD digital radar – super smart & super easy to use

Raymarine’s new Super HD (High Definition) digital radar is set to revolutionise the way we use pleasure boat radars, according to Mark Milburn from Raymarine’s New Zealand distributor, Lusty and Blundell.

“This is easily the smartest radar on the market,” says Milburn. “It’s even better than Raymarine’s breakthrough HD digital radar in two key areas:  detecting weak targets and separating targets that are close together. It’s also much more powerful, able to detect targets at up 30% further away and is so easy to operate it’s virtually fully automatic!”

Using what Milburn describes as “extremely clever maths”, Raymarine’s Super HD digital radar produces an incredible four times more power than even a HD radar of the same size.

Super HD digital radar also has an incredible ability to cut through background “noise” and detect weak targets that would normally be missed by conventional radars.

“This is a wonderful feature to use in our increasingly crowded waterways,” says Milburn. “Super HD digital radar is brilliant at picking up canoes, kayaks and jet skis, all potential hazards that are often so difficult for skippers to detect, especially at night.”

Milburn says Super HD digital radar is also quickly becoming known as the “gamefishing radar” because of its ability to detect seabirds working way off in the distance.

Super HD digital radars have up to 30% greater range than radars of similar size and, again thanks to unique mathematical techniques, Raymarine’s Super HD digital radar features a synthetically narrower beam width than either conventional or even HD radar.

“This allows it to separate targets, even small targets, that are quite close together,” says Milburn. “Again, this is a real bonus when navigating in busy waterways after dark or in sun strike conditions.”

“Combine this with their extra power and a 4ft array will deliver the type of performance and distance usually found only on an 8ft array,” says Milburn.

Despite its incredible sophistication, Raymarine’s new Super HD digital radar is probably the easiest radar on the market to operate.
“All of this magnificent new technology is totally automatic and requires virtually no operator intervention,” says Milburn. “Settings for gain, sea clutter and tuning are automatically adjusted by the digital receiver on every range scale.

“This means the skipper can concentrate on target tracking and navigation instead of wasting time tuning the radar.”

Raymarine’s Super HD digital radar is fully compatible with Raymarine’s acclaimed SeaTalk HS network and is available in 4kW and 12kW, 48” and 72” arrays.