Recipe Prosciutto Crostini

Serves 20

1 packet of Italian crostini toasts
1 tub of spreadable Goat’s Cheese (seasoned cream cheese can be substituted if required)
10 slices of prosciutto (halved lengthways)
200g Roasted Capsicum (sun dried, semi dried tomatoes or slow roasted cherry tomatoes are also great options)
100g Basil Pesto (tube, jar or fresh – email me if you want the fresh recipe)


Spread a generous amount of cheese on the crostini.

Top with a slice of prosciutto and then capsicum.

Place a small amount of the basil pesto on top.

Serve on a platter or plate.

Supplied by Cabin Fever Cook™

CFC’s Tips:  

I have suggested goat’s cheese in a tub and the other ingredients in a jar or tube for ease of use, storage and transport.  Fresh will always taste better but is not always practical when on the water.