Reducteur H-72 busts myths about seized bolts

We’ve all been faced with the challenge of trying to undo a heavily corroded bolt at some point in time. Chances are, we’ve tried typical water displacing aerosol sprays or penetrating oils, usually with no effect. Whether it be a boat trailer exposed to years of salt water, the exhaust manifold on an old engine, or a heavily corroded latch on a gate, the problem is often the same. After repeated spraying, hammering, heating or twisting, the bolt has remained in place and we’ve taken to grinding or drilling the culprit. Now a solution is close at hand, Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster.

Developed in Europe, Reducteur H-72 has been proven in Australia for over 35years across a range of extreme industrial situations for its ability to free rusted bolts in corrosive situations. Now Reducteur H-72 has been given a new lease on life and repackaged with the brand graphics  ‘Bolt Buster’ graphics on the label, to better demonstrate its powerful rust dissolving properties.

Freeing rusted bolts is quite simple. Scrape away excess corrosion with a screwdriver or wire brush, then spray on Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster. Wait for 30 seconds for the chemical reaction to work, then turn with a spanner. When you’re ready to reassemble, first spray the threads with Reducteur H-72 so you won’t have the problem when you need to pull it all apart again.

To prove how effective it can be, an engineering team took a can to a marine slipway where rusted relics of the past lay derelict alongside more modern vessels. There was no bolt or nut that couldn’t be freed with Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster. Even the bolts around a severely corroded mast from an old sailing sloop abandoned decades ago were no match for Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster. Similarly, the retaining nut on the shaft of a neglected cabin cruiser came undone in seconds after a quick spray.

It’s worth keeping a can handy for next time you’re working on an engine or a severely rusted assembly. On boats, old outboards, stern drives or boat trailers are no match for Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster. Working on 4WDs, it’s ideal for helping remove shackle bolts, exhaust manifold nuts and clamps. It also releases lawnmower blades, and frees-up rusted locks and assemblies.

Laying your hands on a can of Reducteur H-72 Bolt Buster is as simple as popping down to your nearest Bunnings Warehouse, Blackwoods and now available from Whitworths. Or for your nearest stockist email

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