Revolutionary NEW Axius Sterndrive Control System

Revolutionary Axius Sterndrive Control System Now Available on Bayliner & Maxum Boats.

Mercury Marine’s brilliant new Axius sterndrive control system has been launched into Australia at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, offering boat lovers an unprecedented level of manoeuvrability along with enhanced piloting features.

The Axius system has been shown to great effect and can be installed in Bayliner’s 300, 320 and 340 cruisers as well as Maxum’s 2900SE and 3100SE.

Axius, developed by the MerCruiser division of Mercury Marine, provides boat drivers with a joystick control system which makes vessel manoeuvring, including mooring, unbelievably easy.

With the Axius system, a novice driver can operate and even dock a boat with virtually the same control as an experienced boater.

This precision control derives from the use of two independently articulating Bravo Three Axius steers sideways without bow thrustersdrives that, through the Axius system, work in concert manoeuvring the boat wherever you want it.

Axius allows the driver to “walk” the boat laterally, turn, move forward, reverse, or spin on its axis. Axius can take advantage of the electro hydraulic power steering, providing a smooth lock-to-lock turning response.

In addition to everything the Axius system has to offer are some exciting piloting features. Standard with the Axius Plus System is Vessel View which includes a wealth of information from engine management , diagnostics, trip information and fuel management. Auto heading makes piloting a boat simple with the push of a button to lock onto a compass setting directly to your destination.

Another substantial benefit of the Axius sterndrive control system is the superior fuel economy and performance it derives from sterndrive engines over conventional shaft drive.

Compared to an equivalent inboard motor, Mercury MerCruiser’s Bravo Three sterndrive with the Axius control system will deliver a higher top speed, a reduced time to plane, lower fuel costs and an increased range.

Axius is now available as an option on all Bayliner and Maxum boats fitted with MerCruiser 5.0L 260HP through 496 HO 425HP Digital Throttle and Shift packages.

It will also be available with Cummins MerCruiser Diesel 2.8 & 4.2 litre diesel engines towards the end of 2008.


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