RFD Brings Navisafe Lighting Products To Aussie Market

The Norwegian manufactured Navisafe line of lighting products is now available in Australia, thanks to a new distribution agreement with RFD.

While lights have been fitted to boats of all descriptions for many, many decades, the Navisafe lighting system represents an extraordinary breakthrough in lighting technology.

Following a near miss boating accident in 2005, Jo Engebrigtsen was so moved by his close call that he set about designing a lighting system specifically suitable for boating and boaters.

What was needed therefore was a lantern with 360° lights, that was fully waterproof, robust, compact, lightweight and that was able to be effectively fitted on a jacket or a cap.   

It had to be small enough to put in your pocket to make sure you always can reach it, on a boat or in the water, yet bright enough to act as a professional boat lantern.   Finally, it has to be very easy to use, with both a strong steady light and an ultra bright emergency flash.

The idea for Navi light was born and in the execution of the design, the Navi light won a design award from the Norwegian design Council.

The initial product, Navi light 360° is a unique design that combines water proof, 360 degree visibility super bright LED light and a double magnetic system, integrated into a compact shape that fits easily in your pocket.

The double magnetic system means the light attaches everywhere, on your clothes, on your boat, inside a tent, to your car everywhere you need light, and as a rescue light it will give the exact position with intense emergency blink.

Even though the Navi light 360° is powered by three AAA batteries, it is a super bright light which is visible for up to 5NM (9.26km) in darkness.  Depending upon the situation, the light can be set to operate in a flashing mode or steady–on.

With the Navi technology established, Navisafe then set about expanding the concept for a variety of applications and mounting systems.  The one light can be attached to a boating jacket, or if the situation warrants, it can be attached to any one of the Navisafe mounting system modules.

The Navisafe range from RFD includes the top selling Navi Light 360°, the Navi Light Red/Green, glow in the dark torch, Navi light Hunter, along with the attaching system.

RFD is a world leading supplier of marine safety products and inflatable watercraft marketed under a range of brand names.  Some of these brands include Plastimo boating equipment, ACR electronics and Comet pyrotechnics.

Beginning in 1920, RFD is primarily involved in the supply and service of marine, fire, life support and gas control equipment.

For further information contact:

Mark Barker

Managing Director – RFD on 02 9330 7000