RFD Launches Kannad EPIRBs

Australia’s specialist safety distributor, RFD, has officially launched the Kannad Marine line of EPIRBs, PLBs and SARTs onto the Australian market.    

The Kannad range of EPIRBs and PLBs has become available at a time when the demand for these high quality units has never been stronger.

The Kannad Marine range is both complete and extensive. Boaters, yachtsmen and anglers will find one of the models in the Kannad Marine range suited to their specific needs.

The Kannad Solo Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a full featured but compact model designed to be carried in a pocket or emergency grab bag.  Being small doesn’t mean that the Solo PLB lacks anything in its performance. 

Packed with features such as on board GPS, Internal light, and transmitting on the digital 406 MHz frequency, the Kannad Solo PLB is  also waterproof up to 10 meters ensuring that in the event of a capsize, the unit will still perform once on the surface again.  

Once activated, the Solo PLB will operate continuously for a minimum of 24 hours.

Kannad’s Sport EPIRB is designed specifically for the Australian market.  

This EPIRB is manually activated making it an ideal unit for recreational boaters 

The Sport EPIRB transmits on the digital 406 MHz frequency and has a 121.5 MHz homing frequency to assist SAR. An additional feature is a built in LED, useful for attracting attention at night.   With a 7 year battery life and full diagnostic self test, this model is sure to be popular with boaters throughout Australian waters.

The third Kannad model to be launched is the Kannad Sport Plus.    This is an enhancement of the Kannad Sport.   In addition to all the features of the Sport model EPIRB, the Sport Plus has a built in GPS receiver for enhanced location accuracy.   This is also a lightweight ergonomic design, with a 5 year battery life.

The Kannad Marine range of EPIRBs represents a full line up of top quality, modern technology

Kannad EPIRBs are available from leading marine retailers, boating outlets and other leading locations where RFD products are sold.

RFD is a world leading supplier of marine safety products and inflatable watercraft marketed under a range of brand names.  Some of these brands include Plastimo boating equipment, Kannad Marine, ACR electronics and Comet pyrotechnics.

Beginning in 1920, RFD is primarily involved in the supply and service of marine, fire, life support and gas control equipment.