Riviera Aftermarket’s 12 Days of Christmas expert tips

Riviera’s Aftermarket and Boat Maintenance specialist, Michael Swain, is a qualified marine mechanic and has supervised the maintenance and installation of aftermarket products into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 13 years experience. In this issue, Michael talks about Aftermarket’s top 12 tips for Christmas boating and summer.

In celebration of the Festive holiday boating season, the team at Riviera Aftermarket and Service have put together their 12 Days of Christmas top boat maintenance tips to ensure Riviera owners have a happy and safe holiday afloat with their friends and family.


  1. Safety equipment – check expiry dates on distress signals, life rafts, PFD’s and fire extinguishers and replace if necessary.
  2. First Aid – make sure you have a full first aid kit on board and that supplies have been replaced.
  3. General maintenance checks – check and replace wiper blades, shaft seals both rope type or PSS seals.  Make sure all drains and scuppers are clear of debris.
  4. Genset and onboard electronics – check your genset, water maker, electronics, all lighting fixtures including navigation lights and ensure you carry spare parts, filters, light bulbs and tools.
  5. Check under the boat – get the boat checked by a diver or lift before a trip to ensure underwater gear is fully operational and no rope/fishing line is around your propeller shafts
  6. Engine room – check all engine and gearbox oil levels, fuel filters, belts for tension and wear, check and clean sea strainers.
  7. Engine operation – check operation of all ball valves to ensure they open and close freely
  8. Batteries – check battery terminals for corrosion, clean and lubricate if necessary, recharge batteries and check water levels if applicable
  9. Winch operation – check the condition of the winch rope/chain and ensure it is operational, grease if necessary
  10. Deck maintenance – check operation of davit and check lifting bridle and clips
  11. Tender – check all tie downs on your tender to ensure they are in good condition and check pad eyes aren't loose.
  12. Tender mechanics – check tender batter and charge as necessary, check outboard fuel levels/quality and check engine oil.

For more information or to book in your boat for annual maintenance service, anti-foul or repairs email Bianca Cross aftermarket@riviera.com.au or call +61 7 5573 1288.