Riviera has the right ingredients to star in Masterchef

Riviera had all the right ingredients to star in Channel 10s hit television show Masterchef earlier this month.

The sleek, stylish, black hulled Riviera 4400 Sport Yacht escorted the finalist chefs to the famous Berowra Waters Inn restaurant in northern Sydney for Episode 53.

Riviera’s director of brand and communication Stephen Milne said Riviera was thrilled to be invited to star in an episode of the top rating Masterchef.

“Good food always seem to go hand in hand with boating, so for us it was a natural extension of the boating lifestyle,” he said.

“This segment is the first of a series of guest appearances by Riviera in some of the highest rating national TV programs in Australia.

“Such high profile television appearances reinforce the respect and aspiration held by many to own a Riviera luxury cruiser.”