Riviera helps bring a dream to life


Tony Davey had just turned 50 and was working hard to achieve his dream of owning a Riviera cruiser. He had just completed a Do-It-Yourself Plumbing book. Then, tragically he suddenly collapsed and died.

For the past 28 years, Riviera has helped people to achieve their boating dreams and this week the luxury boat builder helped Tony’s fiancée, Del Mathews, and sister, Debbie Davey to achieve part of his dream.

Del’s desire was to stand on board a Riviera to scatter Tony’s ashes upon the waters at their favourite spot, Jumpinpin on the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Ryan Hanson at Riviera Dealer R Marine Coomera heard of Del’s request and immediately offered to help her.
Riviera driving
With a crew from R Marine Coomera on board a luxury Riviera 58 Flybridge, Del and her two sons Trent and Ryan, along with Debbie Davey and her daughters, Rachael and Dannielle, made the journey to Jumpinpin.

As she poured the ashes, Del said: “Now the tide can take him. This is where he loved to be.”

The ashes drifted away, each member of the family threw a rose on to the water saying their farewells.

Tears wiped aside, everyone celebrated Tony’s life with his favourite champagne.

Del and Tony met 12 years ago, where they worked for a plumbing company in Albury on the Southern border of New South Wales.

“He had been working there only a few weeks when he asked me out,” Del remembered. “But I wasn’t prepared and extremely shy.  A year later he sent me roses for my birthday.  I invited him out and fortunately he didn’t say no.”

The couple moved to the Gold Coast in 2000 “to pursue new beginnings and opportunities,” said Del. Tony’s plumbing career flourished and Del took on an administration job.

“He worked hard for the dream of a Riviera 43 Flybridge. He went to all the boat shows; he collected all the brochures about Rivieras which are still stored in archive boxes.

“We had even selected a block of land for our new home. On the waterfront of course, with a jetty.

“It has taken four years. Then one morning a few weeks ago I woke and decided it was time to release Tony’s ashes. I called Tony’s sister Debbie who agreed and thought it was a splendid idea and took it upon herself to organise the whole day. 

“Debbie is a real organizer. She said, ‘Leave it to me.’  Then the compassionate people at R Marine Coomera offered to help.  It all came together so quickly.
“It was a wonderful day. The boat was magnificent; everything I imagined it would be out on the water. We had a perfect ceremony.”

Del even managed to achieve part of Tony’s dream for herself. Under the supervision of skipper Alex Hayward, she took command of the Riviera and contentedly cruised back to the Riviera marina in Coomera.

“I am so grateful,” said Del. “on behalf of myself, my sons, Debbie and her girls, I sincerely thank Riviera for fulfilling the late Tony Davey’s dream.

“After the journey back to Coomera, maybe I will pick up his dream. I’m sure Ryan Hanson can help me find a Riviera 43.”