Riviera Owners Annual Kooringal Experience 2011

The weather was perfect and the scenery spectacular on the 18th of February as Frank Newnham dropped anchor for the first time at Kooringal, a tranquil spot on the southern tip of Queensland’s Moreton Island.

Listed on the Australian Heritage Register, Moreton Island is located 35 kilometres off the coast of Brisbane and is renowned for its crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and marine life such as green turtles, humpback whales and dugongs.

This is the second annual Kooringal Experience hosted by R Marine Queensland and it has quickly become ‘a trip not to be missed’ by Riviera owners.

R Marine Queensland dealer principal Randall Jones said a fleet of 23 Rivieras with 60 adults and 12 children on board made the 60 nautical mile round journey from the Gold Coast to Moreton Island.

For Frank Newnham and his partner Di, it was the first time they had been to Kooringal.

“We had fantastic weather.  It was very well organised and the R Marine team managed to get us comfortably through the bar.  A crew in tenders made sure we didn’t cut the corner and hit the sand bar so everyone got in safely,” Frank said.

“If the team hadn’t set it up for us, I would have been a bit hesitant crossing the bar.  R Marine Queensland made it very relaxing for us because we knew we weren’t going to run aground.”

Frank bought his Riviera 40 Flybridge two-and-a-half years ago and said he enjoyed cruising around the Broadwater with his family.

“I took my two grandsons, Caleb and Lachlan, out on the boat last weekend.  It’s a good way to spend quality time with them all,” Frank said.
Frank and his partner Di look forward to the Fraser Island Experience which will be held later this year.

R Marine Queensland hosted a party on the beach where Riviera owners were treated to fresh local oysters and fresh prawns.

The children enjoyed playing beach cricket, building sandcastles and swimming while the adults lazed around in the water with a few drinks.

The three day event included a tender exploration and a walk around the southern tip of Moreton Island.

“The water was crystal clear during our tender exploration so we were able to see myriad marine life including turtles, stingrays and a six foot shovel nose shark,” Randall said.

“We experienced some fantastic views on our walk around the southern tip of Moreton Island and it was a great way to get some light, relaxing exercise.

“The Kooringal Experience is now the trip of the year.  It is short enough for a long weekend but far enough away to make you feel as though you are in another world, away from the daily grind.”