Riviera owners enter the high rollers stakes

Dressed in black bow ties and tiaras, 80 Riviera owners approached their target by tender for a mission only Riviera agents could handle, a mission hosted by Riviera’s R Marine Pittwater.

Among the Riviera owners were Peter and Denise Haig and Miles and Cathy Fink who boarded Refuge Bay’s first ever floating casino – Casino Riviera.

Riviera, Australia’s most awarded pleasure boat builder gave each participant $250,000 in Riviera cash to be gambled on the tables in a night packed with fun, live entertainment, fine wine and food, followed by an auction at the end of the night where Riviera owners used their winnings to bid on a selected range of Riviera items.  For instance, a Riviera cap went under the hammer for $250,000 and $2 million was the highest bid for a Royal Motor Yacht Club Newport boat owner’s annual membership subscription.

Peter and Denise Haig, who have owned five Rivieras over the past 24 years and currently own a Riviera 51, said ‘it was an absolutely brilliant’ night.

“The food was excellent, the entertainment was great, and the fact that Riviera cared enough to organise an event such as this really meant a lot to me,” Peter said.

“It was one of the most memorable events.  Denise had an absolute ball, you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face and it was great to see the women get together and chat.”

Wearing a James Bond style white dress shirt with long pants, black hat and flashing bow tie earned Peter the award for best dressed male.

While Miles and Cathy Fink’s winning bid earned them a voucher for an R Electronics upgrade which they said would come in handy now that they had finalised their purchase of a new Riviera 61 Flybridge.

Miles and Cathy also own a Riviera 51 and are also multiple Riviera owners having owned seven Rivieras over the past 17 years.

They said it was one of the best social events and they thoroughly enjoyed the casual atmosphere.

“I think the casual atmosphere was what we needed to let our hair down and enjoy the night.  When you work hard during the week it is nice to be able to take the work gear off and put your thongs on,” Miles said.

 “The fun and entertainment was put together in a way that was personal to the people who own Rivieras.

“The social side of it was really good and it was a well organised event.  To give the money out the way Riviera did and to play the games was a lot of fun.  The highlight for us really was being able to go there and enjoy it with a lot of people you don’t know well and have the opportunity to get to know them more.  Some new friendships were certainly kindled on the night.”

R Marine Pittwater dealer principal Bruce Mitchell said Riviera organised for a mobile cappuccino boat to visit the 30 plus boats that were moored in the bay. 

“We delivered fresh coffee and a free Sydney Morning Herald newspaper to all the boats to help with the recovery process on the Saturday morning,” Bruce said.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and several Riviera owners asked if they could use their Riviera cash for a deposit on a new boat.

“Pittwater boaters are very social and relaxed boaters and we have arranged a series of events for 2011 that really suit our owners needs.”