Riviera Roche Harbor Rendezvous 2012

San Juan Island, Washington, US: The picturesque Roche Harbor Marina and Resort on San Juan Island was home to 25 Riviera owners who joined Van Isle Yachts and Emerald Pacific Yachts for two days of boating fun.

The fleet of 25 Rivieras ranging from 33 to 58 feet travelled from various locations including Canada and Washington State for the annual event.

In its 17th year, the Roche Harbor Rendezvous offers Riviera owners the chance to relax and socialise with other Riviera enthusiasts in the tranquil Roche Harbor, a sheltered harbour on the northwest side of San Juan Island, which sits on the Canadian and American border.

Rob Scott from Riviera’s west coast dealership, Emerald Pacific Yachts said it was an ideal location for the annual Riviera experience.

“It’s a central meeting place for the Canadians and Americans and the area is absolutely beautiful.  The resort caters to our needs by providing tents, marina berths and barbecues – they help us host the event,” Rob said.

“The Canadian Gulf Islands start about 10 miles away and it is just an unbelievable inner water way system, the cruising is just phenomenal.”

The annual Riviera Rendezvous entertained owners with a host of activities including Target Toss, a game where water balloons were tossed into a dinghy that was anchored 30 feet off the docks.  Other entertainment included the Pot Luck Dinner, Captain’s Quiz, golf off the dock, the blindfolded dinghy race, Casino party, and the blindfolded obstacle course where the captain would direct the blindfolded first mate with the directions port, starboard, forward and back with the aim of the game being to steer them to a ball which they would then carry back to the captain on a spoon.

“The keen boaters who braved the bad weather to reach Roche Harbor were rewarded with two days of warm sunshine, fun-filled activities, fine food and entertainment,” Rob said.

Van Isle Yachts and Emerald Pacific Yachts are looking forward to next year’s event, which will mark the event’s 18th anniversary.