Riviera Syndication A Boating Experience Like No Other

Riviera Syndication will launch its new Sydney/Gold Coast/Hamilton Island 5800 Sport Yacht “Bellini” at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.  This boat to be based at Sanctuary Cove will spend 10 weeks each winter at Hamilton Island and 10 weeks each summer in Sydney/Pittwater.

Riviera Syndication managing director John Russell said this boat had been extremely well received by the market with seven out of the 10 shares already sold.

“We have got a permanent berth for the 5800 at Sanctuary Cove but every December and January we will take the boat to Sydney and each of the 10 owners will spend one week on board,” John said.

“For the Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve week we plan to use that as a co-operative week where the owners can come on board together to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney and we will have a skipper on board.

“In June, July and August the owners will have the chance to experience the idyllic waters of north Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands.  They also have the chance to travel up to Hamilton Island on board with our skipper Jimmy Thorn.”

Shares in the new 5800 Sport Yacht “Bellini” cost $239,000 each plus a share of the annual ongoing costs.

John said the boat had been personalised with added extras including a rear facing lounge in the cockpit, a kayak, a centre console tender with 20 hp engine, an additional two berth cabin with its own ensuite, air-conditioning, television, and stereo.

“The additional two berth cabin is popular with families as it gives children a separate living area,” he said.

“Riviera Syndication also includes a range of spare parts on board such as a fresh water pump so that in the event if a water pump did fail there is always a spare on board.  From experience we have learnt that if you have a water pump fail on a boat, you have no toilet, no showers, no fresh water so at least with a spare it is simply a swap over and the owners experience no disruption to their leisure time.”

Riviera Syndication owners also receive an individual three day training session on board the boat with a skipper to ensure the owners are confident with the vessel.

John and Sharon Russell and their Riviera Syndication team have more than 30 years experience in the Marine Industry and 11 years in specialising in Syndication. 

They have the passion, the experience and the resources to guarantee your experience with Riviera Syndication.  No other syndication company can claim these invaluable attributes. Their success is not by chance it has come from experience, commitment and passion.

Riviera Syndication offers models from 36 to 58 feet in different ports around Australia.