Riviera Syndication boat share is a success at The Boat Show

Riviera Syndication boat share is a success at The Show

Wednesday, 12th August 2009.

Strong sales have exceeded expectations at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show with nine of the 10 shares snapped up for the new model Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht.

Riviera Syndication chief executive officer John Russell said the results showed tremendous support for Riviera and was a good sign that confidence was returning to the market.

“It really is a huge achievement for us because it is our launch into Sydney and it’s been a tremendously successful boat show for us, it exceeded our expectations,” he said.

“People are becoming more confident in the future and are starting to think about their lifestyle options.”

The new 5800 Sport Yacht was also popular at the Sydney boat show with five of the 10 of the shares sold as well as an IPS powered Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht syndicate well under way for Pittwater.

Both the 5000 Sport Yacht and the 5800 Sport Yacht will be based at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.  There will be a special owners launch party for the 5000 Sport Yacht on September 12.

The Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht made its debut at the Sydney International Boat Show and it was secured by Riviera Syndication by day three. 

Powered by twin Cummins turbo diesel engines linked to the revolutionary Zeus pod drives it is the first production built boat in Australia to be engineered with the Zeus drives, an integrated system of marine diesel engines and steerable drive units mounted under the hull with twin counter rotating, aft-facing propellers.

This system offers easy handling and manoeuvring even in tight situations and a joystick for easy docking. Cummins claims up to 30 percent improved fuel economy,as well as 15 per cent faster cruise and top speeds over conventional drive unit system.

Mr Russell said the Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht shares cost $139,000 each, which was a great option for ‘time poor’ people.

“The owners take a 10 per cent equity share in the boat, it’s very convenient for the owners because they don’t have to do any of the work what so ever.  Riviera Syndication does all the cleaning and maintenance – it’s absolutely ideal for busy people,” he said.

“They get 33 days a year where it is their boat and they can use our automated online booking system.  All the popular times including weekends are shared evenly between owners.

“It’s a very smart and very clever way of going boating.  The majority of our owners are busy business people.”

Ben and Pam Douglas have been part of the Riviera Syndication family for more than four years and have never looked back.

“What an experience – owning a share in a luxury Riviera Cruiser at a fraction of the price, yet enjoying all the benefits,” said Mr Douglas.

“We get 100 per cent enjoyment and only outlay the funds for what we use. This must be the future of boating.  I’m sure all other boaties would agree that returning from a boat trip and handing the keys to the cleaners is a good feeling.”

Mr Russell said it was an exciting time for Riviera Syndication with plans for Riviera 5800 Sport Yachts to be based in Sydney, on the Gold Coast, Hamilton Island and in 2012 they expect to have one cruising the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean based 5800 Sport Yacht will spend its first year in Italy followed by Croatia and then the Greek Islands.  The boat will be fully crewed including skipper and hostess.

Riviera Syndication has also just announced shares in a 78 Motor Yacht which will be based in Sydney during the summer months before cruising north along the east coast of Australia and then around to Broome. 

“The owners will fly in and have their week or two weeks on the boat and then they will fly out again,” said Mr Russell.

“From Broome we hope to go up to New Guinea cruising around all the islands and then make our way across the Pacific to Fiji.”

Riviera Syndication is thrilled with the outstanding results from the Sydney International Boat Show and look forward to an exciting future.

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