Riviera Syndication launches Syndication by Design

Riviera Syndication is proud to launch ‘Syndication by Design’, a new concept of boat ownership where prospective owners choose the model, location and number of shareholders.

Riviera Syndication owners John and Sharon Russell developed Riviera Syndication in 1999 and have continued to refine and develop this model over the past 12 years by listening to their clients.

“We have discovered a section of the market who likes the concept of sharing the expenses and the experience of boating with like-minded people, however they require more time onboard and therefore less owners in a syndicate,” John said.

“They also want the flexibility to do trips away while having an experienced team only a phone call away for advice, assistance and to take care of maintenance and cleaning upon their return.

“This has lead to the introduction of ‘Syndication by Design’ where we will offer owners the chance to become part of the purchase and syndication process from the beginning.

“We start by you choosing the new Riviera model, location and number of owners and Riviera Syndication will take this information to the market and locate suitable partners.”

John said owners would meet to ensure compatibility before the selection process of options and customisation begins.

“Riviera Syndication’s skipper and long-time Riviera expert Jimmy Thorn will oversee the build process with the owners until completion and then he will undertake sea trials and pre-delivery before hand over, training and delivery to the new owners.

He will then be available to the owners as they need him for advise, skippering and all boating matters.

“We have been incredibly fortunate over the years to attract a wonderful group of owners to syndication who share the same responsible attitude towards their boat and their partners in the boat.

“We are proud to continually offer our past, present and future clients innovation and sophistication in this practical and economical way of enjoying the rewarding pleasures of recreational boating.”

Riviera Syndication ownership is available in two, four, 10 or 12 share syndicates across a range of new Riviera models from 36 to 75 feet in a variety of locations in Australia and New Zealand.

To have your very own ‘Syndication by Design’ contact John and Sharon Russell on 07 3890 2902 or 0418 722 132