Riviera Syndication officially launches 5000 Sport Yacht in Sydney

Riviera Syndication officially launches 5000 Sport Yacht in Sydney

Riviera Syndication owners toasted the launch of their sleek new 5000 Sport Yacht, the first to be based in Sydney, at a special party held in Rushcutters Bay.

About 27 revellers joined in the celebrations, which began at noon on September 12, and gave owners the chance to meet their syndication partners.

Riviera Syndication chief executive officer John Russell said it was not only the launch of the first boat into the Sydney Syndicate market but it was also the first Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht built.

“The 5000 Sport Yacht will be out in Sydney Harbour most days for all to see, which is a huge promotion for Riviera’s new model,” he said.

“We had the most sensational weather for the launch party which was a huge success among some very excited syndication owners.

“Riviera Syndication provides not only the boat but the whole lifestyle experience for people.  We include all the linen and crockery and can even provide catering and skipper services.”

Mr Russell said there was only one share left in the Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht and five out of 10 shares in the new 5800 Sport Yacht had already been sold.

The 5800 Sport Yacht is scheduled for a launch in March 2010 and will spend it’s first Sydney winter in the tropical climate of Hamilton Island before being relocated to it’s home port at Rushcutters Bay.

“We will host the launch party at Riviera’s Gold Coast headquarters before sending the boat to Hamilton Island where it will be based for approximately four months,” he said.

“We thought it would be nice for our syndication owners to have some time in the Whitsundays.

“We are selling shares in the new 3600 Sport Yacht with IPS which will be based in Pittwater, Sydney.”

Mr Russell said some of Australia’s most successful business people were members of the syndication family because they enjoyed a relaxed boating experience without the worry of maintenance and cleaning.

“It is like stepping into a five star hotel room, all they have to bring with them is provisions and we can even organise that for them if they wish,” he said.

“There are beautiful boating waterways in Sydney both around the harbour and just north of the city in Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River.”

Riviera Syndication offers models from 36 to 78 feet in different ports around Australia and in the Mediterranean.