Riviera Syndication Takes Delivery Of Its Third 5800 Sport Yacht

Riviera Syndication celebrated the recent delivery of its third Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht in less than 18 months, a significant milestone for the family owned business.
Despite tough market conditions, Riviera Syndication owners John and Sharon Russell have recorded their most successful year as more people realise the benefits of owning a luxury vessel through syndication.
“In a little over 12 months and in a slow market Riviera Syndication has taken delivery of three new 5800 Sport Yachts and one 5000 Sport Yacht – that speaks volumes for the strength and respect of Riviera Syndication and the Riviera brand,” John said.
“We have specialised in syndication for more than 12 years and I can honestly say that this has been one of our most significant achievements.
“People are being cautious and practical with their money and syndication is a very practical way of owning a boat.
“The fact that more people are turning to syndication even throughout the global financial crisis says loud and clear that in difficult times, people need an escape, a holiday, they need it even more now because there is a lot more stress and pressure.  Most of our clients are business families and I think people are realising the importance of leisure time.”
Riviera Syndication has three 5800 Sport Yachts in their syndicate and have just taken delivery of their second 5000 Sport Yacht.
Riviera Syndication’s first 5800 Sport Yacht Bellagio is located at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney and is relocated to Hamilton Island each winter for her owners to enjoy cruising around tropical north Queensland.
The second 5800 Sport Yacht Bellini is berthed at Sanctuary Cove resort marina on the Gold Coast and travels to Sydney each summer for 10 weeks and Hamilton Island each winter for 10 weeks.
“The owners get to use their boat in different locations and for a week at a time, it is perfect for busy families who just want to relax and unwind,” John said.
“Our third 5800 Sport Yacht Marbella is permanently berthed at Hamilton Island where her owners fly in from all parts of Australia and New Zealand.
“We are also pleased to welcome our second 5000 Sport Yacht Catania to the syndication family.  Catania is permanently berthed at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.
“We have final shares available in some of our boats including Bellini at Sanctuary Cove, $229,000, Marbella at Hamilton Island from $$105,000 and Catania in Sydney for $129,000 and private inspections are welcome.”
John and Sharon Russell and their Riviera Syndication team have more than 30 years experience in the Marine Industry and 12 years in specialising in boat syndication.  They operate one of the most successful boat share ownership programs in Australia and have the passion, the experience and the resources to guarantee the owners experience with Riviera Syndication.  No other syndication company can claim these invaluable attributes.
Riviera Syndication offers new Riviera boats from 36 to 75 feet in a growing number of popular ports around Australia.