Riviera team labeled “Top Guns” of Australian Boat Building

Riviera team labeled “Top Guns” of Australian Boat Building

Riviera’s team of craftsmen building a pair of 70 Enclosed Flybridges were labelled “the Top Guns of Australian boat building” yesterday by a grateful owner.

The tribute came from Peter Teakle, an experienced boat owner, during a “thank you and challenge” lunch for the team building Mr Teakle’s $6 million Riviera 70.  

Mr Teakle, who has built a $100 million international printing business, and has owned four Rivieras, told the boat builders to focus on the “wow factor” of the new boat.

“It’s one of the great secrets of job security,” said Mr Teakle. “If we can build an icon with real ‘wow factor’, people like me from around the world will want one too. And you are the only people in the world who can deliver it to them.”

Mr Teakle said the boat would be seen right along the Queensland coast and would be prominent at major boating events including Hamilton Island Race Week.

Plumber Ted Groombridge described Mr Teakle’s talk as “inspirational”.

“We look at everything we do and work out ways we can do them better,” he said. “We make advances on every boat we build. Everything works, but we always challenge ourselves – how can we make it work even better.

“We are old school craftsmen and Peter strikes me as being one too.”

Apprentice Clayton Pont works on interior fitout on the Riviera 70 project.

“It gave me a great feeling to hear Mr Teakle say that,” said Clayton. “I don’t think I’m a master craftsman yet, but I am working hard to earn the title.”

Craig Opie works on the mass of stainless steel on Peter Teakle’s Riviera.

“I’ve been working on the 70 project since the beginning,” he said. “We constantly challenge one another to think outside the square, to make the 70s so much better than other boats – to give them the wow factor as Mr Teakle said. We are doing what no one else around the world has done.”

Boat builder Todd Atkins thought Peter Teakle’s comments were “exhilarating”.

“It was good for an owner to give us feedback and encouragement like this.”

Mr Teakle handed every boat builder in the team a special ”Master Craftsman” polo shirt during a brief presentation in the massive shed where the boats are being built.

“Wear it with pride,” he said. “Wear it at work every day and get it dusty. Wear it when you go for a drink with friends after work and if anyone gives you a hard time about it, tell them the owner gave it to you. Wear it until it’s worn out and I will replace it for you.”

Peter Teakle’s Riviera 70 is scheduled to launch in August and he invited every team member to join him at the official launch along with their partners.

“I want your partners to see and know what you have been talking about with this boat,” he said.