Riviera’s biggest fan steps aboard the company’s biggest boat

Coomera, QLD: It was an awe-inspiring moment for Joshua Toohey when he stepped on board Riviera’s flagship 75 Enclosed Flybridge  during a factory tour earlier this month.

The seven-year-old and his family took time out from their Queensland holiday to visit Riviera’s 14-hectare state-of-the-art Coomera facility, and according to Joshua’s mum, Julie, it was the highlight of his holiday.

“The factory tour was certainly a huge highlight for Joshua, and I was surprised to see that our daughters also thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  When we got back home to Perth, Joshua’s teacher told me that his class got a very detailed briefing of the Riviera factory for his news item.  I am sure if we lived on the Gold Coast, Joshua would want to work at the Riviera factory after school,” Julie said.

Joshua has grown up around Rivieras and his fascination for the iconic boat brand was evident during his factory tour as he asked technical questions about the boat’s construction.  Having grown up on board his family’s 41 Flybridge, Joshua now knows Riviera inside and out.

Joshua said he loved the factory tour and hoped one day to own a 75.

“The 75 was definitely a highlight for me because it is the biggest boat I have ever been on.  It looks so nice, I didn’t expect it to be so big and take up the whole factory and I didn’t expect it to be able to get out of the factory, it is so huge,” Joshua said.


“They are vey nice boats, they are shiny and have nice anti-foul, they just look superb and it was interesting to see how they are made.  I had a lovely time at Riviera and meeting Mr Longhurst.  I always wanted to meet the boss of Riviera.”

Julie said it was the family’s first visit to the Riviera factory.

“From the moment we drove down Waterway Drive and first saw the Riviera logo, it became apparent that Riviera was a very professional organization with very high standards,” she said.

“We felt like royalty when we came into Riviera’s reception and saw the sign welcoming Josh and his family and being greeted by the friendly team.  After meeting the Riviera crew, I now understand why Riviera uses the term Riviera Family.  It was also lovely to meet the owner of Riviera, Rodney Longhurst, who gave up so much of his time to see us.

“It was fascinating to see how the boats are made and how each of the parts of the boats come together.  The thing that has always impressed us the most about Riviera boats is they have the WOW factor.  They are sleek and classy, very well appointed with all available space used, loads of storage and they handle beautifully.

Joshua’s father, Jason, said they were most impressed with the Riviera factory.

“The factory is very neat and tidy.  It looks very well organised for such a busy place and it was quite amazing to see how the Riviera jigsaw puzzle comes together from start to finish,” he said.

The Toohey family returned to Perth with some wonderful memories of their time at the Riviera factory.