Crunchy Roast Potatoes easy to cook onboard boats & yachts

Spring is the ideal time to talk vegetables and how to cook them.  The rule goes like this:

If the part we eat grows BELOW the ground (root vegetables, tubers and bulbs), place in cold water and bring to the boil.  Eg: carrots, potatoes, onions.

If the part we eat grows ABOVE the ground, place into boiling water. Eg: beans, cabbage, spinach, okra and sprouts.

The exception to this is new potatoes: place in warm water and bring to the boil.

Root vegetables can also be cut into different shapes to add interest to soups, stews and braises.  In classic dishes these vegetable garnishes are listed in recipes as being of a specific shape, such as batons, cubes, small dices, delicate batons or mixed flat shapes.

To use three vegetables as mixed batons can make a brown braised dish more colourful, professional and nutritious.

Try a mixture of carrot, swede and turnip cut into shapes. Use a sharp knife and take care to make the sizes neat and even. See the eye
effect. Remember; people “eat with their eyes” – especially kids!

This week the recipe is for roasted potatoes with garlic & rosemary. Why not keep your favourite recipes on file or adapt them to suit crew?