Rozelle marine facility to run a clean ship


The soon to be opened Sydney City Marine facility at Rozelle Bay will attract not only the world’s finest superyachts but it has been designed to accommodate the servicing and maintenance requirements of the local boating community on Sydney Harbour. The facility will showcase state of the art environmental technology. In doing so its operators believe it will indirectly help raise the bar for standards of environmental protection right across the Australian marine industry.

Sydney City Marine will incorporate a complete water capture, treatment and recycling system. All water which falls onto roofs and hard stand areas will be captured and purified. The process, which uses innovative Australian designed filtration technology, is able to purify up to 25,000 litres of water a day and can store 500,000 litres of harvested rainwater. That means, once Sydney City Marine is up and running the facility will be self sufficient for water usage, reducing the drain on Sydney’s water supply and of course helping ensure no impurities reach the surrounding waterways.

The facility’s two paint booths will be fully enclosed. The facility will employ new painting technologies that will ensure that up to 90% of the paint sprayed will be attracted to the painted surface, whereas with typical spray painting techniques 50% of the coating is actually wasted. World class extraction technology comes into play here as well, as substances such as paint solvents know as ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ will be diluted before they reach the atmosphere. Sydney City Marine are keeping abreast of the latest technology and it is anticipated that within the next couple of years they will be able to completely extract these compounds before there is any emission to the atmosphere. This is something that even the local building site, and of course, the home handyman painting a bedroom at home cannot achieve. Yet Sydney City Marine will be employing this advanced technology that’s been developed in Europe to help protect the environment. 

Extraneous noise will also be rigorously dampened and controlled, which allows the site to be zoned for 24/7 operation. The buildings currently under construction will be clad in an acoustic absorbing material. Even exterior noise will be reduced as the perimeter of the site is surrounded by an acoustic dampening fence to help reduce noise reaching local residences.

Measures like these will add up to further cost savings to boat owners as maintenance operations will be able to continue until the job’s done, ensuring less time out of the water and reduced charges.

Daily cleaning by a ride-on vacuum cleaner will help ensure that dust and debris won’t find its way into the atmosphere and surrounding waterway ensuring a ‘clean green site’.

By doing major refits and maintenance at Sydney City Marine in preference to less environmentally-diligent slipways means any waste products and chemical contaminants will be captured and contained. In this way, the Sydney waterways as a whole will  directly benefit. It should be noted that many of the slipways on Sydney harbour will in due course be shut down because they are not compliant with Occupational Health and Safety or with Environmental legislation and guidelines.

It is anticipated that the facility will attract into Sydney some of the world’s finest ocean going yachts and motor yachts. So not only will this help make Rozelle Bay a much more attractive place to visit,  the advanced technology being employed will help ensure that the air and water quality surrounding the facility will be also be at world class levels of cleanliness and purity.

Sydney City Marine appreciate that there will be ongoing concerns within the community and would welcome the opportunity to present on a regular basis to any community group to address any issues that the community may have with their operation.