Sailing specific navigation at a touch

B&G, a world leader in instruments, autopilot systems and tactical software solutions for sailors, is pleased to announce the new Zeus Touch range of multifunction displays. These unique sail-specific networked devices are packed full of functionality and are easy to use thanks to the intuitive Touch Sensible interface.

Joining the award-winning Zeus sail navigation family, the new Zeus Touch includes all of the sail specific functionality familiar to Zeus users such as configurable layline overlay, water and ground vectors and adds even more features.

Zeus Touch provides enhanced SailTime calculations, which removes reliance on Estimated Time of Arrival and distances that only prove useful for powerboats. Laylines have been maximised to allow view of tacking angles on the chart, even without an active waypoint.

Tide information has also been optimised with internal tide calculations, which include Navionics® Dynamic Tides and Current data when used with Navionics® cartography, to ensure a clear overview of surrounding tides and currents.

Zeus Touch introduces SailSteer – a brand new feature that combines essential sailing data into one clear and informative composite screen. All information is shown relevant to the user’s boat and can be displayed alongside Chart, Radar or other function screens.

The user configurable SailSteer screen includes; Heading and COG, Current Layline, Calculated Tide, True Wind Angle indicator, Rudder Angle Indicator and Opposite Tack Layline. It also highlights Navigation Data including active waypoint, Mag/True heading reference and Magnetic Variation. SailSteer also integrates a Compass Scale, which provides True Wind Direction, Tide Set, Opposite Tack Heading and Bearing to Waypoint.

The use of touchscreen in combination with minimalist keypad and a rotary controller ensures that even in the roughest seas, the navigator is always in ultimate control and ready to make race-winning decisions.

The Zeus Touch is the key to your entire network, compatible with a wide range of performance modules including Broadband Radar™, AIS, CZone digital switching, ZG-series GPS antennas, Triton Pilot and SonicHub™ entertainment, Zeus Touch is the sailor’s solution.

Zeus Touch is also wireless enabled, as when combined with the B&G WIFI-1™ GoFree hardware, users can control their displays using a tablet or view data with their smartphones in combination with the GoFree Controller app. Perfect for checking up on data whilst at the bow or below deck and freeing crew up to undertake tasks without being tied to the wheel.

Thanks to the GoFree open protocol system, users can choose from a potentially unlimited number of apps to use with the Zeus Touch and tablets or smartphones. Those interested in creating their own apps for use with Zeus Touch and a wireless device can also apply to become developers with the GoFree Developer Toolkit.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of B&G said: “Zeus Touch provides sailors with truly tailored sailing navigation, from the SailSteer screen to having the freedom of the entire yacht when using GoFree.

Easy integration with the addition of modules such as Broadband Radar, sensors and AIS means that never before have sailors had such easy access to specific features and functions to help them make the most out of every race, regatta or weekend cruise.”

The Zeus Touch Multifunction Display range is available in 6.4” Zeus Touch 7, 8” Zeus Touch 8 and 12.1” Zeus Touch 12. Available in January 2013, Zeus Touch 7 is priced from just $1,999. To receive information on GoFree application development contact, or more information on the entire range of B&G marine electronics visit