Sailors With DisAbilities Safer Than Ever

The Sydney based Sailors With DisAbilities charity organisation has recently upgraded their safety inventory with the arrival of all new RFD branded marine safety gear.

RFD has been a leading supporter of Sailors With DisAbilities (SWD) since 2010.   Recognising the outstanding work of this organisation, RFD came on board to provide the best in safety equipment.

With the recent release of the new AS4758 approved range  of PFDs from RFD, an entire kit of new safety equipment quickly found its way to the SWD organisation.

One of the first groups to don their new RFD Mistral jackets was the Campbell House School.  Students from Campbell House participated in the SWD Winds of Change Youth Program.

The project aim is to work with young people who require additional support and encouragement to complete their schooling.  The essence of the program is to get the youngsters working together to achieve a successful outcome.  This in turn helps to develop self esteem and can change lives for the better.

The SWD program offers 6 days of sailing over a six week period.

“Our goal is to help them see themselves and the world from a different perspective,” said Bernadette Dunn of Sailing With Disabilities.

“We want our students to experience a sense of possibility and self achievement while enjoying the exhilaration of engaging with the natural environment and sailing.”

According to Mark Barker, MD of RFD Australia, the Sailors With DisAbilities program fulfils a most worthwhile need within the community.

“The SWD organisation operates on several levels,” Mark said.  “Not only do they provide an opportunity for people with a physical disability to try sailing in a safe and supportive environment, but they also do a  fantastic job with school children with behavioural problems.”

“We recognised that the SWD organisation needed a heightened level of safety equipment for their 16.2m racing yacht, Kayle.  RFD is proud to be associated with SWD.”

RFD provides SWD with strobes, RFD PFD’s, Kannad EPIRBS, RFD harnesses, liferafts and the ongoing servicing of these vital pieces of safety equipment.  In addition, RFD provided essential cash support that allows Sailors With DisAbilities to continue and expand their program.

RFD is a world leading supplier of marine safety products and inflatable watercraft marketed under a range of brand names.  Some of these brands include Crewsaver, Plastimo boating equipment, ACR lights, Kannad Marine and Comet pyrotechnics.

Beginning in 1920, RFD is primarily involved in the supply and service of marine, fire, life support and gas control equipment.