Sanctuary Cove Boat Show Maritimo Motor Yachts Aegean Cabriolet


Maritimo 56 Cruising Motor Yacht, Aegean 60, Aegean 55, C55 & C50

Maritimo Motor Yachts

Maritimo will unveil five new models never seen before at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, together with the company’s proven designs that are now offered to markets worldwide.

Making show debuts will be two of the company’s latest creations, the Aegean 60 and Aegean 55, both vessels based on the highly-successful Cabriolet range but incorporating a stylish, low-profile flying bridge.

Two smaller versions of the original C60 Cabriolet will be further highlights of the Maritimo display, with the initial release of the C55 and C50 Cabriolet models.

The fifth of Martimo’s new models will come as a surprise to industry observers – the all new Maritimo 56 Cruising Motor Yacht, an imposing flying bridge motor yacht which brings new styling to the cruising motoryacht range.

This is a world debut at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. It will have strong appeal to those who demand luxurious, long-range cruising.

Peter Jenkins, the company’s national sales manager, said the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is always high on the Maritimo agenda.

Maritimo Aegean 60 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show