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TRAC Ecological Marine Cleaning Products

Stella Systems

Stella Systems is launching the TRAC range of boat cleaning products in Australia and New Zealand at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

TRAC Ecological Marine Products offer a range of environmentally-friendly products to clean boat surfaces, cooling and water systems.

The US-made TRAC products are suitable for boat builders, boatyards and boat dealers offering products such as GreenClean Boat Soap, a safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable product which can be used to clean boat surfaces.

GreenClean Coil Cleaner can be used on condenser and evaporator coils as well as ice makers while Barnacle Buster cleans raw water cooling systems from intake to discharge without harming equipment, gaskets or seals.

Descaler is a safe, biodegradable scale remover designed to dissolve water scale and deposits from within fresh water systems.

Sew Clean removes uric scale from deep inside black water systems while PSR rids potable water of odours and discolouration.

Other products include T-Greaser.

TRAC products are organically based solutions containing only food grade materials and proprietary additives which can be safely disposed down regular sewer drains.


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