Sandspike Beach Anchor

Sandspike, LLC, which is well known for their

innovative line of watercraft accessories in the USA

is now available in Australia and New Zealand,

Sandspike, LLC has developed the premier beach anchoring

system on the market today. The tremendous holding power

of their ‘Sandspike’ is unsurpassed by the competition.

Acting as a temporary mooring bit, the unique design gives

watercraft owners the strongest and safest way to anchor their

craft on or off the beach. Unlike other beach anchoring

systems the Sandspike is inserted flush to the ground. This

concept allows it to have superior strength. It’s simple to use,

just insert it into the beach, wiggle a bit and push. You will

never have to hammer it in. It works on any type of beach,

with the exception of solid rock. The Sandspike is indispensable

when you want to visit a rocky or less ‘watercraft friendly’

beach. It works just as effectively under the water, providing

protection from nasty scratches, dings and expensive gel coat

damage. As a matter of fact, you will have more holding power

if it is inserted into denser wet sand as long as your watercraft

is pulling in the opposite direction of the Sandspike’s angle. In

either case, when you’re ready to leave, it slides out easily. It is

guaranteed to work!

Made of lightweight, anodised aircraft aluminium, it will never

rust and is easy for anyone to handle. The sleek, compact

design stores easily and there are no sharp points to damage

your upholstery. Available in two sizes the ‘original’ Sandspike

will hold up to a 24’ watercraft, the medium size a 32’

depending on conditions. There are five classic colours to

choose from, one sure to be the perfect complement to your


Additionally, watercraft owners of all types, from the pro

wakeboard rider to the weekend fisherman give the Sandspike

rave reviews.

Enjoy the freedom that the Sandspike provides. With all the

great beaches out there, you’ll never again have to hope there

is something for you to tie up to. And you’ll do it in style.

Now available from Davmar marine or shop online