Savage 175 Bowrider, A Smooth Operator

From the oldest name in the boating, comes the sleek 175 Fiberglass Bowrider. This zippy little model packs more punch than you might realise at first glance.
This model is a standout in its class with superior design elements and an impressive list of standard features, making it the perfect family sports boat and the envy of every boatie on the water.
Chief Boat Tester Cliff Antees put the Savage 175 Bowrider through its paces and says it handled tight corners and choppy water confidently and provided a smooth ride for those on board.
The 175 Bowrider was fitted with a 135hp MPI Mercruiser engine and delivered an impressive top speed of 62.4kph at 4900rpm.
Fuel Consumption at this speed was around 45Lt per hour, equating to 1.38km per litre at top speed.
Cliff said “The 175B is a sure footed hull that eagerly responds to the throttle and sits high on the water making it surprisingly buoyant, providing a safe and comfortable ride.”
At a cruising speed of about 35kph at 3000rpm, fuel consumption was 16.7Lt per hour. Combine this with an 85 litre fuel tank and you can stay out on the water and play all day.
The 175 Bowrider boasts an upholstered fibreglass cockpit and side decks, with a swim platform that is manufactured as part of the top deck mould for a more streamlined appearance and improved structural integrity.
The power steering, tilt-steering helm and folding seats with adjustable sliders make the 175 Bowrider perfect for any type of water sport and with enough room for seven people it is perfect for the whole family.