Save hundreds of dollars off your next antifoul

It’s on again –  Rowell Marine’s offseason special giving away free antifoul!

The conditions for the FREE ANTIFOUL are as follows:
Book your vessel in for antifouling any time over the months of May June or July and we will provide the antifouling paint free of charge.
The antifouling product we will use is the top of the line antifouling product Altex No5, an ablative antifoul & is guaranteed for 12 months. (Tested in Cruising Helmsmen against the 5 most popular brands and rated #1)
Give Rowell Marine a call on 9997 1764 and speak to Luke Nicholson the production manager and he will give you a heavily discounted quote for antifouling your vessel at our Pittwater Marina.

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An off season special not to be missed !