Save On Fuel And Insurance Boating In Sydney

Dockside Buyers Group Saving on Fuel.jpg

Save on fuel and insurance if you are boating in Sydney.

Dockside Buyers Group (DBG) is new and unique to the boating industry.  For the first time Dockside Buyers Group will be exhibiting at the Sydney International Boat Show.  Exclusive to Sydney and Pittwater/Broken Bay area, DBG utilises its mass of members (boat owners) to negotiate deals with marine businesses.

Members of DBG benefit from a wide range of service discounts including Fuel, Insurance, Marine Servicing and more.   Members of Dockside can absorb their membership fee in just one or two re-fuellings.

DBG have saved current members thousands on their insurance premiums and members can save hundreds of dollars when using the discounts that they have negotiated on a wide range of marine services.