Save you phone with the Sticky Gel Mat launching at Sydney Boat Show

Suitable for the car, boat, office or home…We have some very exciting news –

The Sticky Gel Mat has just got bigger – a whole 40% bigger!

The Large Sticky Gel Mat is nearly 40% wider than the original and can easily fit your sunglasses along with your mobile phone, digital devices or any other item you wish to stay put.

Extremely useful in marine environment where rough seas could have your valuable mobile phone sliding around the boat dashboard.

The larger size Sticky Gel Mat will be available, alongside the original Sticky Gel Mat, for you to purchase for the first time and exclusively at the Sydney International Boat Show!!

Larger Size – Available in Clear, Black and Blue – Show special will be 1 for $15 or 3 for $40 ***

Original Sticky Gel Mat – Available in Clear, Black, Blue and Red – Show special will be 1 for $10 or 3 for $25

Sticky Gel Mat is a revolutionary new product to Australia that ensures items stay where they are put. Digital devices, electronic controls, sunglasses, keys, wallet, CDs, coins, tickets and credit cards cling to the mat and never move.

The mat works through surface tension and a suction effect. It will work on curved, angled or flat surfaces and can be stuck on clean vertical surfaces such as windows, ceramic tiles, centre consoles and mirrors amongst others.