Schionning Sea Shanty 16M Review

This passagemaker has a shed and the backyard too!

Simplicity, practicality, and the great outdoors, that’s what the Sea Shanty is about, according to Jeff Schionning, designer of the new Sea Shanty. The boat is based on the hull from his very successful 16m Ferry built in Australia and used in Vanuatu to carry passengers around the islands. While many love life onboard, they also miss their comforts, pets, family and space. That’s why this large seaworthy platform with simple but stylish accommodation and a large outdoor area is very desirable for those who like to keep active.

Evolved design 
Where the Ferry needed decent displacement to carry 75 passengers the Sea Shanty needs the displacement for home comforts plus fuel and water for extended ocean passages. As a passagemaker, speed was moderated to a comfortable cruise speed of 12-16 knots and a bar crossing sprint of up to 20 knots. 

The Sea Shanty concept is simply to have a sturdy cruising vehicle that includes everything most ‘yachts’ don’t have. She’s a home, a workshop and a backyard. Her construction is rugged but stylish with finishes similar to a working boat outside and a beach cottage inside. Building costs are lower because of the common sense approach ? you don’t have to worry about scratching the ‘yacht finish’. It has an open plan layout, much like the beach cottage and normal household furniture is used for 90 per cent of her fit out.

Backyard comforts
Rugged and extremely seaworthy, she’s built to go anywhere. The very high bridge-deck clearance makes sure she slides over everything, yet her shallow draft allows sneaking into shallow lagoons with fully protected props and rudders. Drying out is a breeze, just sit on any beach without concern. 

The Sea Shanty has a huge aft deck with a rough non skid surface, move the BBQ and garden furniture to one side and hey, you have a fully covered shed come backyard ! Pull out the tools and you can work on a dinghy. 
With the BBQ back in the ‘garden’ and your outdoor setting in place again, you have the big back yard ready for entertaining; she’s the perfect party boat. An easy access bathroom outside is very practical.

There’s even room to store camping equipment, windsurfers, bicycles for when you reach your destination. The Sea Shanty offers a world of possibilities.