Seabreeze present’s In-Duct Breathe Easy™ Air Purifier at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Dometic and Seabreeze Industries                                    

Exhibitor Dometic Marine and Seabreeze Industries will present its In-Duct Breathe Easy™ Air Purifier at the 2011 Sanctuary Cove Show.

The cutting-edge system, which has a patent pending, was awarded a 2010 IBEX Innovation award in the Mechanical Systems category.

The purifier is specifically designed to work within the ducting of a vessel’s air-conditioning system. Operating silently, it purifies and cleanses air using photocatalytic nano-mesh technology with UV light.

Each time the air circulates, it is further purified. The nano-mesh is made from metallised foam, a minutely intricate structure providing substantially more surface area for holding the molecular catalytic coating than is possible with a simple screen structure.

The nano-technology means there are 70 per cent more atoms on the catalytic surface, which improves the reactivity with contaminants. The unit takes up little space and if retrofitted, requires no alterations to a vessel’s existing air-conditioning unit.

There is no need for mounting hardware as a section of the air-conditioning ducting is cut out and the circular In-Duct Breathe Easy tubing is inserted then the ducting reattached. The unit is available in sizes to match standard duct diameters. The unit can reduce the presence of harmful mould spores, contaminants and odours.