Sealegs in dramatic yacht rescue as Jessica Watson returns to Mooloolaba

A Sealegs 6.1 amphibious RIB, on duty as rescue and media boat for Jessica Watson’s return to Mooloolaba recently, made national news when she towed a capsized trailer sailer to safety.

The 23ft trailer yacht was full to the gunwales. The Sealegs crew picked up the tow, lowered the RIB’s wheels and headed for the nearest sandbar.

The RIB climbed onto the sandbar with the yacht, weighing an estimated 6 tonnes, still in tow. The yacht touched bottom; from this point she could be pumped out. Later the Sealegs towed the now-floating yacht back to the marina.

In her role as media boat the Sealegs again came to the fore. As the Water Police cleared the waterway for Pink Lady to sail in unhindered, the Sealegs crew lowered the RIB’s wheels and drove onto a sandbar next to the channel.

The Water Police allowed the RIB to stay and the camera crew got great coverage as Jessica and Pink Lady sailed into their home port.