Sealegs introduces the next generation in amphibious boating

At Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Sealegs will reveal its all-new 7.7m cabin boat with generation 3 amphibious componentry which it says will be a key part of making Sealegs a mainstream segment of the marine market.
Company co-founder, David McKee Wright said “Whilst we’re proud of the company’s past achievements we’re particularly enthusiastic about the release of the cabin boat. 
The cabin boat and technology will secure a more significant place for Sealegs going forward.  The 7.7m Cabin boat responds to market demand and builds on the existing product technology resulting in a superior product.”
The 7.7m cabin boat includes All Wheel drive (AWD), extended run time (XRT), generation 3 inboard motor technology that is quieter, more reliable and less dominant in the design of the entire boat.  The new inboard motor is mounted in the rear of the boat generating significantly more space and layout options.
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