Sealegs steps in to help with Queensland flood rescue

To offer vital support during the South East Queensland flood crisis, Sirocco Marine North has donated the use of a Sealegs amphibious craft for rescue and relief work.

The State Emergency Services (SES) is currently using the 6.1 metre all-terrain craft in its recue operations to help volunteers as they battle to assist the thousands of people affected by the worst flooding in decades.

David McKee Wright, Sealegs CEO over in New Zealand commented, “When hearing about the devastating affects the Queensland floods have had on communities, it seemed natural that Sealegs could offer support in a practical way. The craft was loaded with SES professional rescue equipment and its first mission was to go to Logan where 50 families were stranded on an island. By Thursday afternoon, the Sealegs amphibious craft had already completed 4 trips to and from the island, impressing the SES with its amphibious capabilities.”

The Sealegs craft and its crew were scheduled to move their focus from Logan to Brisbane City on Thursday afternoon. Sirocco marine North was only too wiling to offer the services of this craft as its ability to travel seamlessly from land to the water without stopping is proving invaluable to the SES.

Due to Sealegs’ rapid response capabilities, the craft is already used by the New Zealand Coastguard, the South Australia SES and in many other countries. In Malaysia and India it is used for various deployment uses such as fire and rescue, police and for military operations. Sealegs has previously been used in flash flood situations as demonstrated in 2008, after a phone call from the Malaysian government requesting a Sealegs resulted in a school full of children being rescued in a situation where no other vehicle could reach them.

Sirocco Marine North wishes the SES and every success in providing vital support during this tragic flood crisis.