Sealegs stretches its legs

A new custom-made 325 tonne capacity computer controlled press has been installed at Sealegs fabrication facility in Albany, Auckland.
The new press gives Sealegs the capability to fold up to 7-metre hull plates, in a single operation.

The computer controlled accuracy of the press ties in with Sealegs goal of end-to-end computer aided design and fabrication of its amphibious boats.  All Sealegs boats are designed and modelled in the 3D CAD package SolidWorks with each hull’s seventy five aluminium parts cut in-house on a 7-metre CNC router.  

Sealegs recently announced that efforts to overcome its production backlog have been successful and the company will shortly be in a position to build for stock.  The company is actively looking for additional distributors, particularly in Europe and North America, as Sealegs continues with its international expansion plan.  

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