Seawind production now in full swing in Vietnam

Seawind Catamarans have recently completed its relocation of production to the Corsair Marine factory located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, with all three models now under production including the Seawind 1000Xl2, Seawind 1160 and Seawind 1250.

This has seen a structural realignment of the business with owner, Richard Ward, focussing entirely on the production side of the business, with the sales of Seawinds in Australia and marketing of Seawinds world wide being handled by Brent Vaughan and team from Multihull Central.

The facility consists of 3 large factories and ancillary buildings with 8,000 square metres undercover.  The largest of the factories houses the Seawind final assembly and fit-out processes.  There are a number of support buildings including Timber Shop and Varnish/Paint complex. 

Approximately 200 people are employed at the facility.  The key managerial positions are filled primarily with expatriates, some from the Australian Seawind factory including

Shane Grover (Seawind Production Manager), Drew Barker (SW1000 Production Supervisor & formerly a shipwright at Seawind Australia), Mitchell Burke (SW1160 Production Supervisor & formerly a shipwright at Seawind Australia), Tayla Burns (SW 1000 & 1160 Assembly Supervisor & formerly a shipwright at Seawind Australia) plus Kevin Landry (currently SW1000 & 1160 Timber Fitout) & Michael Kluftinger (Lamination Manager) and Mark Waller (SW1250 production manager in Australia) who each had over 20 years experience in their fields in Australia.  Seawind Production Manager Mike Rees will also relocated to Vietnam in the coming months to oversee the Seawind production.

Seven new Seawinds have already been launched from the new facility including a new Seawind 1000XL2 on display at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show which features new improved Vacuum bag construction plus many new features not before affordable at the Australia production facility due to the high costs of labour. 

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