Selden Reversible Winch at Sanctuary Cove boat show

Selden Mast                                                                                     

Exhibitor Contender Sailcloth, who represents Selden Mast, is unveiling in Australia the Selden Reversible Winch in a national launch.

The ingenious feature of the new Selden winches is that the sailor can let the rope out by reversing the winch drum.

The purpose-made winch handle has a knob, which is pushed down with your thumb to prepare the winch for reverse drive. The winch handle is rotated clockwise and the rope is eased out. The rope remains in the self-tailing jaws all the time, which means it is a one-hand operation to trim the sheet, the halyard or the windward guy.

For the family cruising sailor, one-handed operation means safety – no hands are even close to the drum when easing out the rope.

In rough conditions, you can hold on with your free hand. Single-handed sailors can steer and trim at the same time.

The unit was awarded overall winner of the coveted DAME Award 2010, which recognises innovation at the Netherlands’ METS trade show. The reversible winch also won the Pittman Innovation Award 2011 in the US.